Port Shippers Since 1865

Krohn was founded in 1865 by two young Norwegians, Theodor Wiese and Dankert Krohn. Over the following century and a half the firm built up an outstanding reputation for its old cask-aged Ports, in particular its ‘colheitas’ or single harvest tawnies. Krohn is also noted for its finely-constituted Vintage Ports sourced from its flagship property Quinta do Retiro Novo in the Rio Torto Valley.


Krohn has gained notable recognition over the years for its phenomenal Single Harvests Ports. The house is one of the leaders in the production of Single Harvest Ports, with reserves of rare cask aged wines from the 19th century. In addition, Krohn also produces some highly sought after Vintage Ports.


Wiese & Krohn’s estate Quinta do Retiro Novo is located in Sarzedinho, a very small village in the Rio Torto valley. In this area the nature of the soil where the vines are growing, the altitude, the locality, the (low) productivity and the slope of the vineyards are particularly favorable to the production of quality Ports.


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