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Reserve Ruby Port



The wine benefits from being served between 16ºC to 18ºC. The particular qualities of this wine allow it to be enjoyed over an extended period of time once opened, without losing its freshness and vibrancy. Optimum drinking time after opening the bottle is within two months.


This wine is ready to drink and does not require decanting. The bottle should be kept upright, protected from light and at a cool and constant temperature.

Tasting Notes

Dark purple in colour this wine has a delicious nose of fresh dark berry flavours. Perfect elegance on the palate with flavours of blackcurrants, dark plums and cherries, with an enticing finish.

Pairing Suggestions

Reserve Ruby Port, with its firm tannins and concentrated fruitiness, is the style most suited for the classic port and cheese combination. It is particularly good with blue-veined and richly flavoured soft cheeses. It is also delicious with bitter chocolate.