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The Estate


Wiese & Krohn’s estate Quinta do Retiro Novo is located in Sarzedinho, a very small village in the Rio Torto valley. In this area the nature of the soil where the vines are growing, the altitude, the locality, the (low) productivity and the slope of the vineyards are particularly favourable to the production of quality Ports.

Quality is determined by the grape varieties which have been planted in the Quinta, by the age of the vines, their method of training and the density of plantation, among other factors. All these items are officially converted into points, the sum of which determines the final classification of the property. In Quinta do Retiro Novo this sum exceeds 1200 points, which makes it belong to the restricted group of “class A” properties.

The Quinta has a vinification plant for the production of Port (and also Douro Wine) based on its own grapes and those our Company buys from neighbouring producers.

During vinification a great importance is attached to the conjunction of modern technology with traditional wine making methods. So for instance we still have old lagares (open granite tanks about 75 cm high) to make the best Ports through the treading of the grapes by human foot without any mechanical crushing. But we also use modern stainless steel lagares where sophisticated robots simulate the human treading of the grapes.